Private LTE Infrastructure

Liberalization of mid-band spectrum policy in the US and abroad has made way for a paradigm shift in the way cellular networks are deployed.

Thanks to spectrum sharing in the CBRS bands (3.5Ghz), enterprises of all sizes have the opportunity to develop their own cellular network, including sports venues, airports, malls, hotels, mines, manufacturing facility and enterprise office spaces


Wireless Broadband, 5G and Wireless Spectrum

Since 1997 when we launched the nation’s first executive conference devoted to wireless broadband spectrum opportunities, we have been active in all areas of outdoor wireless broadband initiatives, including technology (LTE, WiFi, WiMax) Mobile Network Operators (including rural cellular carriers), wireless spectrum, TV broadcast infrastructure, Wireless Backhaul and more.


“Smart” Cities and Internet of Things

Having developed the industry’s first event focused on RFID and IoT technologies, we have a solid 14-year track record on the applications, services and solutions that comprise the “Internet of Things” ecosystem. Our focus is to make available content, information and educational properties specific to these markets.


Proximity Technologies: iBeacons, NFC & RFID

Since 2005, we have been active in the development and adoption of near field communications, iBeacons, RFID, cloud-based WiFi and other RF protocols that interact with smartphones and other devices, for merchants, storefronts, local retailers and regional community networks.