Showcasing the Interlocking Pieces of the Smart City Ecosystem

According to Black & Veatch in their Strategic Directions: Smart City/Smart Utility Report, “Holistic and scalable smart systems depend on two critical behaviors—embracing technology to make systems as efficient as they can be and increasing stakeholder engagement.”

“To fully realize the smart city, cities need to create a network of digital infrastructure. It is only by embracing advanced technologies and communications that operations will become more reliable, efficient and secure while allowing for the maximum return on investment.”

This reflects the unique nature of the SmartGig City conferences. Our content plan does not focus only on the “smart” or the “connected.” We know that communities gain greater value from their networks when systems are integrated, managed and optimized holistically.

Our content plan focuses on the value of integrated infrastructure, and the changing nature of the networks themselves. Smarter transportation, smarter public safety, connected urban infrastructure, smarter streets, small cells and network densification — all lead to innovation, economic development and improved civic resources.

Our Differentiation: Bringing Important Content to the Local and Regional Level

Civic leaders face a dual challenge: the decision makers often do not have the time or resources to travel to national ‘smart city’ conferences. Moreover, it takes multiple executives representing multiple silos within the government working together to make progress on connected or smart city initiatives.

Our approach is different: we bring the content, thought leaders and solutions from the national stage to the local level. Our regional events facilitate education and information exchange from the bottom up, not from the top down.

Managers, professionals and executives from all levels of municipal, regional and state government attend SmartGig Media events for the opportunity to meet innovative leaders – from business, government and academia.

By working together, forming collaborations and bringing attention to the thought leaders operating on a national level, civic leaders understand the technology trends that are approaching, are positioned to leverage these trends and the technology ecosystems that are behind them and are able explore regional and statewide efficiencies of scale.

Our 2017 Schedule for SmartGig CITIES events will be posted shortly. 

Although information technology promises enormous public benefits, it also introduces new challenges. Addressing these challenges requires cross-sector and cross-government collaboration, knowledge sharing, and alignment – which is difficult to achieve by attending one or two national conferences in New York or Austin or Washington DC.

Cities and metro areas have a difficult time keeping up with changes in mobility and communications and face challenges educating their citizens. They do not have adequate forums for hearing their citizens’ concerns and ideas about these new technologies.

SmartGig City events bring practical and useful information to the local and regional level. Our events are designed to coordinate efforts across multiple departments and management from cities and communities throughout the State to help accelerate the development of smart city/community solutions that maximize the value of investments and optimize benefits to residents.

Furthermore, our events emphasize integrated infrastructure – building the smart city from the Internet up. Underpinning smarter cities and regions are complex telecommunication networks that use diverse systems to talk and share actionable information. These integrated networks depend on a deep level of planning and strategy that affects multiple levels of government: public works, finance, city managers, IT and elected officials.

For attendees, our SmartGig City events provide convenient, cost-effective opportunities to learn, share knowledge and network with like-minded peers from the region. For sponsors, exhibitors and demo partners, our events offer cost-effective opportunities to meet government decision makers, forge personal relationships and provide time to discuss solutions and showcase products.

We hope you will join us in 2017 and support our events, media products and information services.


2017 Calendar:

SmartGig Arizona
May 15 & 16, 2017
Phoenix Arizona
SmartGig Ohio
July 13 & 14, 2017
Columbus, Ohio 
SmartGig Los Angeles
October 18 & 19, 2017
West Los Angeles, California