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Taking place March 27-31, 2017 in Las Vegas, IWCE is a venue where people can make the human connections they need to be successful, whether it is connecting to a future client, boss, employee or business partner. It is also where people can connect to information about a technology, product or policy that is crucial to success. See innovation at its best and join us for the premier event for communications technology. 
The principals of Broadband Asset Strategies have extensive strategic network development, regulatory and senior level sales and marketing experience to help you navigate the complex world of fiber optic and wireless telecom infrastructure deployments in the public rights of way. Our primary focus to is a cost effective bridge to your community to critical carrier access nodes needed to extract necessary services and applications required for your constituents to have access to the latest technological breakthroughs. Bringing foundational fiber optic networks with integrated wireless access technologies are cornerstone elements to make that happen. The results lead to an expanding economic development climate, improved and innovative educational and healthcare delivery applications and vastly improved interaction with anchor institutions and local governments.
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The Dark Fiber Community (DFC) is a resource for network operators to help solve planning, construction, operations and finance issues from numerous, reputable providers of all aspects of physical network infrastructure. Through increased coverage and brand visibility, Dark Fiber Community Members and users derive value from the facilitation of mutually beneficial business opportunities. With hundreds of Members already represented and more being added, the Dark Fiber Community serves as a unified and evolving portal for access to current information, pricing and contacts within this industry
SHLB Coalition 250 Canvas 
The SHLB Coalition is founded on the belief that deploying broadband networks to serve anchor institutions is a cost-efficient and vitally important investment in our nation’s future. Deploying broadband to anchor institutions can improve broadband access to millions of people (students, low-income and elderly people, migrants, etc.) who may not otherwise have access to the Internet. Anchor institution personnel can train people in broadband services and technologies, thereby stimulating broadband usage and demand. Furthermore, high-capacity “Middle Mile” broadband networks serving community anchor institutions can be used as “jumping off points” to serve surrounding residential and business consumers. Several studies show that building high-capacity broadband to community anchor institutions has a multiplier effect that generates tremendous economic growth for the community and the nation.