easel85 Executive Conferences, Exhibitions, User-Groups and Workshops
Personal, interactive and immersive, our events deliver multiple platforms for all attendees to gain a 360-degree view of the content at hand. This is the core of our business and our expertise — developing and producing high-quality executive events focused on emerging technologies.


compose85Content Development
With our expertise, and the expertise of our select group of writers, editors, analysts and reporters, we will develop interesting and unique content that delivers a new narrative around your brand. In today’s highly-fragmented media market, there is no better method and promote your brand than to behave like an original-content publisher.


announcements85Web-Based Communities
Our web-centric communities form the intersection of the events we produce and the content from our audience. We package and distribute information generated and shared as part of our events and extend these products — videos, presentation files, executive interviews, white papers and more — into the digital realm for year-round consumption, education and sharing.


news85Strategic Communications
Our roots in publishing, media and public relations provide a strong foundation for the production of strategic content.  Let us wordsmith for you: articles and thought leadership, blogs, e-newsletters, case studies, white papers and custom digital magazine development.



Strategic Partners & Clients