Users of Public Safety Broadband Networks

FirstNet — the dedicated First Responder Public Safety Broadband Network — will award the bid and begin the process of designing and building a nationwide wireless broadband network. In 2017, the attention turns to State and Local jurisdictions where the actual work will get done.

Every state, municipality and jurisdiction is unique, with unique partnerships, policies, guidelines, technology solutions and applications that will deliver value for the public safety community.

Our Public Safety Broadband industry events — commencing in May with Public Safety Broadband California Live! is designed to help the process in California. We are working with the leadership from LA-RICS to design a conference and demo event to meet the needs of a diverse Statewide community of State and Civic agencies.

Our goal is to assemble California First Responders, Emergency Services and Secondary Users — under one roof, at the same time — to network, exchange information, learn from State and National leaders, and meet the companies that will drive the development of California First Response Network over the next decade.

Key to the Network and the Event are Public Safety applications — including development tools, application developers, rugged devices and industrial accessories – that will transform the way first responders carry out their duties. How much—and how quickly—public safety is transformed largely depends on the development and adoption rate of value-added public-safety-grade apps.

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